Transparent Pricing

We offer transparent pricing so you see exactly what we pay to the factory for the personal protective equipment.

Shipped Straight from the Source

By cutting out the middlemen the PPE supplies ships straight from the factory to you.

Diversify Your Supply Chain

Don’t risk your inventory by relying on one supplier. We always have 2 to 3 suppliers available for every PPE product we carry.

Other Reasons to Work with S.T.O.P. Medical Supplies:

  • Ability to source supplies
  • Sustainable sourcing and manufacturing abilities
  • Supply updated with best-in-class manufacturers
  • Price negotiation
  • Licensing and certification with all regulating bodies
  • International money transmission
  • Reduce the forex risk
  • Transportation from factory to your receiving department
  • Secure transportation channels
  • Ability to source private charter planes for large cargo shipments
  • Chinese exporting clearance
  • Customs brokerage

We simplify the hospital supply chain

The legacy method of purchasing PPE supplies is bloated with many different parties in the supply chain. Each time the products change hands they are marked up in price by different middle men. This means the end user pays much more for medical supplies than they have to. At S.T.O.P. Medical Supplies, we simplify the supply chain and bring you medical supplies at a lower cost

How We Do It

We do more than give you the best price. S.T.O.P. Medical Supplies negotiates directly with the factories that manufacture medical supplies and cuts out all the actors in-between the buyer and the products. Get the same and even better quality products without the crazy price markups.