Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent


Convenient: The extraction kit are pre-loaded by 8 consecutive projects . Sample can be extracted from a single strip or the entire board. 

Anti-pollution: The kit can effectively prevent liquid evaporation and aerosol generation by using inert liquid sealing technology, thereby alleviating cross-contamination. 

Fast: The physical, chemical and biological combined lysis method is used to achieve efficient, rapid release and combination of nucleic acids. The magnetic can absorb rapidly by increasing the magnetism, which greatly reduces the total extraction time (no more than 20min). 

Purity: This product uses monodisperse technology to increase the dispersion of magnetic beads, which can effectively prevent nano-magnetic beads from agglomerating and wrapping non-nucleic acid impurities. 

High yield: The nucleic acid molecule is clamped first and then connected to the surface group of the magnetic bead by using multidirectional inert nucleic acid molecular clamp technology. DNA or RNA, small fragments or large fragments can be efficiently extracted. The yield is high (>50%). The minimum viral load is 10 copies (2IU).