You should never have to buy a “MAYBE”
We offer medical supplies that have Solid Technology for Operational Products. Solutions that WORK, so you can be reassured that your future is protected.

S. olid

T. echnology

O. perational

P. roducts

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An Introduction to COVID-19 Tests

Testing is crucial to guiding our next steps in the fight against #COVID19, but do you know the difference between all the tests available?

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FDA is committed to protecting the health of all Americans. This mission would not be possible without the dedication of so many dedicated people on the front lines of the #COVID19 pandemic working tirelessly each day to do their part to #FlattentheCurve.

Our Story

We are a local family business based in Hong Kong for 30 years and a family of 50 years. A family who survived together as a team; from the Hong Kong Flu (1968) to MERS, SARS, H1N1, and COVID-19 we quickly adapted through the crisis.

In 2019 Hong Kong was hit with COVID-19, an infectious disease that we felt so familiar with because like SARS it was highly contagious. Overnight our city entered autopilot mode, we knew what measures needed to be put in place and what changes had to be made in our everyday lives. What initially was seen as a crisis in Asia quickly became a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

As consumers we are presented with different ideas, methods, and products to stay safe and healthy, basing our decisions heavily on product descriptions and reviews instead of knowing that it WORKS.

As we entered 2020, the shortage of masks became a global crisis. Governments around the world announced that masks and medical supplies were to be saved for care-givers and frontline workers due to the shortage. The health and safety of our families and friends in Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Italy, and Japan were now at high risk. From then we learned that searching for quality and cost-effective medical supplies became our priority.

We aim to provide our customers with effective and quality products, just like we did for our friends and family. We understand the importance of protecting ourselves and those around us, so we made sure by testing every product. With our international trading background of over 30 years in technology, we reached out to our partner/s and friend’s so we could provide Solid Technology & Operational Products (S.T.O.P.).

We believe our customers should never have to wonder about the effectiveness of a product from its packaging and description but rather put trust in us in being selective with the products we carry. Solid Technology & Operational Products (S.T.O.P. Medical Supplies) only has product’s “WE KNOW WORKS”

“We only provide products we know that works because we know our partner’s”

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WE ARE A LOCAL HONG KONG FAMILY, working together as a team for 30 years through EVERY CRISIS. We understand that customers should never have to buy a MAYBE and the importance of communication for a lasting relationship. Your questions and concerns matter to us, so get in contact with us to learn more!

- Team S.T.O.P.